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    First, Advantages of our Company

    As a professional manufacturer of high-quality network energy products, Powerstar Network Power (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. has long been to design, manufacture, sales and service of data center products, providing customers with reliable data center product solutions.
    The company's main products include UPS, precision air-conditioning, intelligent power distribution, monitoring software, etc., of which UPS power’s capacity is 500VA-1,200KVA, divided into HR, HP, GP, HPOWER, EPOWER, SPOWER, MP, MT and many other series. Can achieve stand-alone operation, redundant parallel, multi-machine parallel, modular system, etc. In the UPS market, its variety is the complete, with the big power and parallel many, and can meet the needs of all users.

    Powerstar company products are widely used in government, defense, transportation, aviation, aerospace, communications, finance, securities, scientific research, education, medical, manufacturing, commerce, communications and other fields. Its excellent product performance and professional service level have won praise from users. Backed by this powerful brand, it greatly shortens the cycle of product promotion, reduces promotion costs, avoids market risks, and can quickly obtain considerable returns.

    Powerstar devotes to providing the UPS products and relative solutions for the partners. We are going to provide the long-term technology, production, market and management trainings forour partners. We encourage partners to share the successful experience of Powerstar and grow up with us together! Powerstar pays attention to market channel design and market channel processing to protect the benefits of agents and franchisees, and reward achievements. We also encourage them to explore a bigger market.

    Powerstar company invites you to join us!

    Second, Processing

    ,Partnership Conditions:

    1.Independent enterprise legal person qualification, with a registered capital of more than RMB 2 million yuan;

    2. The company operates legally, with good corporate image and business reputation;

    3. Franchisee has to understand the products and relative businesses well, with the good industry background and more than 1 year’s trade relations with government, telecommunications, financial departments, stock exchanges, insurance, transportation, scientific research, medical, business, manufacturing, commercial and other sectors of the industry;

    4. The companies should have excellent service level, management level, good reputations and history records in the industry;

    5. The company should have excellent business teams to actively explore the market and operate in the market;

    6. Application and certification:the company's business license (three certificates in one), bank account opening permit and relevant bank credit certificate copy, “agent qualification application form”。

    Notes: if the applicant wants to apply for the membership of commission agent, please send the materials above the copies of applications and certifications to the market department of Powerstar.

    ,Request for partners:

    1. You need to have some economic basis and are able to take some responsibilities and market risk;

    2. Good credit, good reputation, sincere attitude, honest work, ambitious drive and strong sense of responsibility;

    3. Having the sales experience of products and experience of product agency, or having good sales abilities and market distribution networks;

    4. Having a good technical force or a technical team (according to the actual situation);

    5. We need to trust each other, understand each other. We can undertake the risk together and discuss the market development, tec.

    ,Processing Diagram:

    ,Application Form Download:

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