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    PowerStar’ PSC series modular data center provides you with a modular construction plan for the entire data center computer room. It leads the industry standardization of new factory construction and standardization, which greatly shortens the data center construction period and makes data center construction simple. Fast. Bringing you a revolutionary experience in the construction and use of IT infrastructure. Modular data center is a kind of functional modules integrating IT cabinet, refrigeration, uninterruptible power supply, fire protection, lighting, monitoring, wiring, security, etc., combining end structure system, refrigeration system, power distribution system and control system into one. Products, and modular data center products that form standard interfaces with civil engineering, fire protection, hydropower, and networks, all of which are standardized products that conform to industry-wide specifications. The Baosteel PSC series modular data center will help you significantly reduce the planning and implementation difficulty of the original organic room network, improve the operational quality of the IT system life cycle, focus on the core business, and welcome the arrival of the cloud era.

    ·Application field

    Data processing centers, core network devices, server systems, storage systems, communication systems, etc. in the fields of government, telecommunications, finance, securities, insurance, taxation, transportation, medical, scientific research, and enterprises。

    ·System advantage

    Standardity and unity

    The overall design of PSC Series modular data centers is based on international standards and relevant national standards, including various building standards, power and electrical security standards, as well as computer wide area network and local area network standards, adhere to the principle of unified specification, so as to lay the foundation for future business development and equipment capacity enhancement. Modular data center builds a unified data center computer room and network environment, builds a unified network infrastructure, guarantees the application of various departments and security domain independence premise, to achieve a high degree of resource sharing. So that the data of each department can be exchanged and shared dynamically, so that the application systems among different departments can form an organic whole, and the development and utilization of information resources can be realized

    Advanced and stable

    PSC Series modular data centers adopt advanced and mature technology, equipment and materials to meet the needs of high-speed development of data centers, so that the whole system can ensure the advanced technology for a period of time, and has good expansion potential to meet the needs of future business development and technological upgrading. Modular data center equipment and power supply and distribution devices, all of which meet the national standards of machinery and real estate products or other domestic high-quality standards of products, technical performance and installation process should comply with national standards to ensure the stability of the system.

    Safety and reliability

    PSC series modular data center design emphasizes safety and reliability, factory standardization, manufacturing standardization, perfect uninterruptible power supply system, reliable power distribution scheme, fully functional equipment environment, efficient lightning protection and overvoltage protection and grounding protection measures.

    Rapidity and economy

    PSC series modular data center standardization, manufacturing standardization, safety and reliability, modular installation design, greatly shorten the construction time, and can be configured according to the phased investment, which is conducive to the reasonable allocation of investment cost ratio. Through phased investment, expand infrastructure capacity with market changes, avoid investment risks, reduce investment waste caused by uncertainty, and ensure optimal investment and continuous development of enterprises.

    Flexibility and scalability

    The PSC series modular data center design has high technology content and forward-looking awareness. Considering the space layout, air conditioning and power capacity required for the future equipment, it can meet the scalability needs of future business development. The ability to flexibly expand the capacity of the device and increase the number and quality of users according to the needs of the business.

    Integrity and manageability

    The appearance and color of each system of PSC series modular data center are unified, the structural parts are closely and consistent, the overall shape is stylish and beautiful, and the strong and weak electric traces can realize the upper and lower routing, the layout is flexible and reasonable; standardized parts, modular structure, matching business quickly press Need to deploy, the fastest implementation of the overall delivery; module-level integrated intelligent management, operation and maintenance is simple and easy. The selected equipment of the modular data center PSC series has intelligent and manageable functions. At the same time, advanced and management monitoring system equipment and software are selected to realize advanced centralized management and monitoring, real-time monitoring and monitoring of the operation status of the entire system, real-time lighting, Voice alarm, real-time event recording, which can quickly identify faults and simplify the maintenance of managers, thus providing the most powerful guarantee for the safe and reliable operation of the system.

    ·Comparison with traditional computer room construction mode

    Traditional data center room solution

    Modular data center solution

    Computer room decoration

    Need (more complicated)

    No need

    Design and construction

    Multi-vendor, batch entry, protocol commissioning

    Factory overall commissioning, direct access

    Distribution System

    Independent design, wall mounted, generally without lightning protection

    Built-in system, modular, with lightning protection, 3U

    Cable installation

    Laying on site, long distance, easy to cause waste and reliability problems

    Factory integration, saving, reliable

    Construction period

    15~20 days (including decoration)

    1 day

    Floor area

    10~20 square meters

    About 0.7~2 square meters

    Beautiful system

    Size/style/color is difficult to unify

    The overall appearance is unified, harmonious and high-end


    No, such as the dust-proof cost of the entire machine room

    Fully enclosed system, dustproof level up to IP5X, targeted protection core equipment

    Noise treatment

    Fan noise such as air conditioner/UPS can exceed 65dB, which is not suitable for long-term work of personnel.

    Fully enclosed system, noise level can meet the office environment use <50dB

    surveillance system

    Each intelligent device is monitored independently, the interface is not uniform, and the compatibility is poor.

    The monitoring system of the whole factory commissioning provides local or remote management solutions to truly achieve unattended operation.

    Customer interface

    Different devices, different manufacturers' monitoring interfaces, are not compatible with each other

    An interface that is easy to manage

    After sales service

    "eight-nation coalition forces", different warranty periods, different service interfaces, different after-sales calls...

    Unify the brand, unified service, life cycle full service, peace of mind, put an end to "kick the ball"

    Difficulty of relocation



    Construction cost



    ·Technical Parameters



    Overall characteristics

    Double row micro module room size (width × depth × height)

    L*3600*2000mm, L≤15m

    Number of cabinets




    Power system

    380/400/415VAC, 50/60HZ, three-phase five-wire system


    Tier2 or Tier2 or higher

    Installation method

    Direct leveling on the ground, or optional overhead floor installation

    UPS system


    380/400/415VAC, 50/60HZ, three-phase five-wire system






    20-300KVA, online expansion




    Support online hot plug maintenance

    Air Conditioning System


    Air cooled 25/35KW

    Size (width × depth × height)



    Air cooled

    Cabinet system

    Size(width × depth × height)





    Blind plate, L-shaped bracket, fixed/active laminate, cable management frame, sealing assembly


    IP20 or above

    Distribution System

    Input voltage

    380/400/415VAC, 50/60HZ, three-phase five-wire system

    Rated Capacity




    Output loop

    Standard 21P~126P


    Class B lightning protection, 7-inch touch screen, support for remote monitoring

    surveillance system


    Sound and light alarm, SMS alarm, E-mail alarm


    Remote web access, local 10.4/21.5 inch touch screen optional, mobile app


    Centralized management(UPS/air conditioning/distribution, etc.), access control management, video management, alarm management, environmental management (temperature and humidity, smoke, leak detection)

    Products shall be subject to any changes without additional notices. The pictures are for reference only. Please adhere to the original products in case of any mistake!

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