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    EPS routine maintenance should be noted that the issue

    According to EPS and determine the status of the output circuit breaker whether it is short-circuit, using tongs, etc. to detect the loop flow table with his hand touch the way cable temperature sensing cable in order to determine whether the exception i View>>

    EPS Machine Troubleshooting

    1, the output circuit jumps due to overload and cause the output circuit break; 2, due to quality problems EPS doesn’t break in the output circuit because of serious overload or short-circuit, causing EPS internal fault; View>>

    EPS Emergency Power Supply Installation Note

    EPS power installation should give full consideration to the load characteristics and power supply object, configurate suitable EPS products according to the actual load type size and the function. View>>

    The requirements of EPS for battery charging

    The largest requirements of its charging are: must have current-limiting charging circuit design, or initial charge for the constant current mode. View>>

    EPS of the batteries with the requirements

    EPS of the batteries requirements are: 1, fully sealed maintenance-free type; 2, deep discharge performance strong. View>>

    Selection of lighting type the application of EPS should pay attention to the problem

    If the user units utilize hierarchical distributed floor to wear light-based EPS, and the power of each layer is less than 600W, and the lighting is incandescent or energy-saving lamp, the user can use the econimical and square wave-type EPS; View>>

    EPS should pay attention to the problem when ordering

    EPS Order Notes: Due to EPS products are designed with different needs and changes so when ordering the company should make specifications for each species View>>

    The reason of EPS in general need to be custom-made

    Because of the EPS of different users have different applications, including a different number of inputs of electricity, input phase difference in the number, and emergency standby time requirements may be different, View>>

    The request of light-type EPS Emergency Power inverter switching time

    EPS emergency lighting type switching time is not more than 5 seconds, high-risk areas such as hospitals and operating theaters, dance halls, stations, waiting halls, stadiums and other large places where are crowded with people, View>>

    What are the benefits of Lighting the Fire-type EPS compared with the emergency lights

    Light-type EPS is the centralized backup power for emergency lighting type, convenience of daily maintenance management. Inverter output waveform is sine wave, superior performance, which is suitable for all kinds of lighting fixtures, Lamps light source View>>

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