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    Stand-Alone Operation Solution

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    ·Application Fields:

    ■Communication systems;

    ■Server systems;

    ■Office automation (OA) systems;

    ■Computer room's networks, server devices etc.


    ■Cost-efficient: complete technologies with high utilization efficiency; small investment to meet design requirement;

    ■High usability: the simply composed UPS system can be applied to all protective load devices of different power supplying types;

    ■High efficiency: certain power load capacity; no need to expand capacity; no need to use double server types of UPS.

    · Stand alone Operation Solution:

    With the development of UPS technology, the performances are improved. Clients can choose the most suitable stand alone UPS according to load types (inductive load, capacitive load, resistive load) and actual load power.

    The stand alone operation system is composed of the UPS host, standby battery units + battery DC breaker, related input/output power distribution system, testing and maintenance power distribution, emergency main power distribution and so on.

    ·Stand alone Operation Solution Diagrams:

    Operation diagram:


    Power supply schematic diagram:


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