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     Intelligent power distribution system PDS series





    Intelligent Modular UPS Power Distribution System mainly provides safe, manageable, expandable, maintainable and intelligent and incorporate power distribution for the input and output of UPS power supply. It integrates alternation current input power distribution, UPS input power distribution and UPS output power distribution, which can monitor, display and record the voltage, current, power, active power, apparent power and electric energy calculation and other parameters. Its output shunt switch adopts the modular structure so the online expansion and maintenance can be realized, which simplifies the installation and debugging of the power distribution system, optimizes the cable management of the power distribution system and thus provides a reliable, safe and highly expansive integrated power distribution solution. It is ideal for data room of finance, communication and government.


    System functions

    ■ Standard Cabinet: we use the 42U and 19 inches standard network cabinet. The advantage of using standard cabinet also provides some convenience for the installation: it can adjust the cabinet to the modular UPS and other standard IT cabinets and optimize the adaptability and expansibility of the raised floor;

    ■ Anti-thunder modular: we provide rank-C anti-thunder modular as the standard configuration. We can also provide rank-B anti-thunder modular to improve the anti-thunder ability. It can provide the input of the power distribution system not influenced by lightning and other abnormal factors;

    ■ UPS input and output power distribution switch: intelligent power distribution cabinet can provide safe, standard and reliable input, output and bypass switch, which is convenient for the operation and installation of the overall power distribution system of the machine room;

    ■ Manually repair the bypass switch: when the manual repair switch of the intelligent power cabinet is in closed condition, the power distribution cabinet can be separated totally from the UPS power supply and not interrup the load power supply;

    ■ Automatic transfer system of the two-way input electric supply: when the control system detects the one-way electric supply malfunction, it will automatically switch to another way for power supply. The automatic transfer system of the two-way input electric supply provides the redundancy of the input power supply and increase the reliability of the power system;

    ■ K output isolation transformer: the rated power of the K output isolation transformer is the same with the full load rated power of the intelligent power distribution cabinet, which can isolate and restrain the power supply and its load thus to make sure the zero to earth voltage of the load end is in accordance with the safety standard;

    ■ Shunt output modular power distribution: the output power distribution of the intelligent power distribution cabinet adopts the modular structure, which can realize online hot plug without influencing the load power supply and can let the users to operate without any tools. Its dilatation and maintenance are convenient and safe and every power distribution modular has 18 output shunts and each shunt’s current is 6A to 32A according to the demand and it needs to be adjusted according to the configuration and changes of the site load. The power distribution system can have at most 6 plug and use power distribution modules, which can meet the distribution demand of 18-108 shunt load.

    Monitoring functions

    ■ Local management function: Windows humanization monitoring screen shows the voltage, current, frequency, apparent power, active power, power factor, current harmonic and electric quantity of the generatrix and its circuit power sources and can calculate every factors and have a password protection function;

    ■ Remote management function: every factors of the power distribution system and its running status are all included into the remote monitoring system. RS232/485 or LAN are provided so that the running status of the power distribution system of the machine room can be seen clearly through the remote monitoring function, which is convenient for the users to find out safety loophole and avoid the risks as soon as possible;

    ■ Audible and visual alarm function: it provides main lane over voltage and under voltage alarm, main lane overload alarm, main lane voltage imbalance alarm, over voltage and under voltage of the electric supply alarm, default phase of the electric supply alarm, overload of the shunt alarm, overheat of the transformer alarm and zero sequence current alarm;

    ■ Load curve record: it can record the daily changes of the load, decide whether the UPS and the battery equip is appropriate and the redundancy ability of the UPS power supply when some of them have malfunctions;

    ■ Main lane monitoring factors: it can monitor three phase input voltage, current, frequency, total power, active power, apparent power, power factors, harmonic percentage, load percentage, zero sequence current and electric quantity(according to the customer’s demand);

    ■ Other monitoring: temperature monitoring of the transformers;

    ■ Historical operation and malfunction record: it can record every operation, which can help identify the reason of malfunction and analyze the malfunction and responsibility;

    ■ Assistant alarm contact: it provide remote alarm for the users and it is controlled by alarming signals. When it detects any alarm, the comprehensive alarm contact will operate;

    ■ Shunt monitoring factors: monitoring the shunt rated current, shunt real current, shunt load percentage, shunt switch status, shunt electric quantity(monthly/quarterly);

    ■ Grading electric function: when the UPS electric resource is transformed into battery power supply when the electric supply is lacking, the intelligent power distribution system can stop the electric supply for the load in the sequence of time division and grade division(there are altogether 6 grades). The time division function can not only extend the battery supply time, save battery investment but also can avoid mass data blocking, which can effectively control the operating risks.

    System composition

    The PDS series intelligent modular UPS power distribution integrated system can flexibly choose different compositions to realize various functions and can give the best solution for user’s power distribution design.

    ■ Standard cabinet

    ■ Two ways input automatic transform switch of the electric supply (ATS)

    ■ Output K isolation transformer (Optional)

    ■ Shunt output power distribution module

    ■ Monitoring module

    ·Technical Specifications
    Relative UPS Capacity
    UPS Input Switch
    UPS Bypass Switch
    UPS Output Switch
    Manual Maintenance Bypass Switch
    Mains Double Route Input
    Automatic Transfer Switch (optional)
    Mains Input
    Double Power Supply
    ATS module (optional)
    Connection Mode
    3-phase 4 wires & ground wire or single-phase 2 wires & ground wire
    380V or 220V
    50/60Hz (auto sensing)
    AC Input
    Connection Mode
    3-phase 4 wires & ground wire or single-phase 2 wires & ground wire
    380V or 220V
    AC Shunt Output
    Output Shunt Quantity
    18-108 shunts, 18 shunts per group
    Shunt Switch Capacity
    10A-32A,Single-phase/Three-phase (optional)
    Shunt Switch Installation
    Modular Cabinet, online plug installation
    Standard RS485, RS422, RS232, LAN
    lightning protection
    Standard Classes C 5KV/20KVA, Optional Classes B
    K value of isolation transformer
    Protection Level
    10%~90% (non-condensing)
    Physical Feature
    19~inch 42U standard
    Size (W*D*H,mm)
    National 3C Certification

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