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    UPS Series

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    HR900 Series[1~10KVA] HR900 Series[1~10KVA]

    HR900 series(1-in/1-out 1KVA ~ 10KVA)is a new generation of (parallel redundant N+X) double transformation and frequency online UPS,…

    HP900 Series [1~20KVA] HP900 Series [1~20KVA]

    HP900 UPS offer single/three phase double conversion online power protection with capacity of 1KVA-20KVA. The 32-bit microprocessor …

    GP800 Series [1~20KVA] GP800 Series [1~20KVA]

    GP800 UPS provides single phase power protection with capacities of 1KVA-20kVA. As the new generation online smart UPS which is base…

    Master Series [6~50KVA] Master Series [6~50KVA]

    Master UPS offers three phase power protection with capacity of 6KVA-50kVA. The design of online double conversion topological struc…

    Hpower Series [10/400KVA] Hpower Series [10/400KVA]

    HPower featured 3-in 3-out UPS power is specially designed for critical medium and large systems, such as data processing centers, c…

    Epower Series [10~800KVA] Epower Series [10~800KVA]

    EPower UPS offers three phases power protection with the capacity of 10KVA-200KVA. The double conversion on-line IGBT technology and…

    Spower Series [100~500KVA] Spower Series [100~500KVA]

    SPower UPS offers three phases power protection for large and medium key systems of 100KVA-300KVA. The double conversion online tech…

    Free Series [500/1000VA] Free Series [500/1000VA]

    Free UPS offers standby single phase power protection with capacity of 500VA- 1000VA. Free Series provide battery backup during outa…

    Data center MP series Data center MP series

    MP Series modular UPS is designed to meet with the higher demands of the power system and the products with high reliability. The sy…

    Data center MR series Data center MR series

    Powerstar MR series rack-mounted modular UPS uninterruptible power systems, high reliability products to meet the higher demands of…

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