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    Problems Arising From Inappropriate Match Between Diesel Generator and UPS

    Due to power supply and system design and other factors, customers generally put diesel generator and UPS in conjunction in order to meet the higher demand for electricity supply. However, in practice, there are often some problems: View>>

    UPS Common Faults and Exclusion Method

    UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply Common Faults and Exclusion Method View>>

    The Method to Extend The Time for UPS Power Supply

    Uninterruptible power supply to extend the time, there are two methods: View>>

    UPS Use, Maintenance and Maintenance Attention

    1. to prohibit the UPS output port loading with inductive loads. 2. using the UPS power source, be sure to follow the instructions or use the manual to the relevant provisions to guarantee that the ensuing Firewire, zero line can ground to meet the requir View>>

    Wire and Cable Current Carrying Capacity, Voltage Drop Fact Sheet

    ·Wire and Cable Current Carrying Capacity, Voltage Drop Fact Sheet View>>

    The Calculation of Wire Cross-sectional Area and Carrying Capacity

    Insulated conductor ampacity speed estimation formulas: Insulated aluminum full flow, wire cross-section by multiples; 2.5 multiplied by nine the next, to go up by a cis-number; View>>

    Nine Kinds of Common Application of Power Failure and UPS Power Supply Response

    Nine Kinds of Common Application of Power Failure and UPS Power Supply Response View>>

    Cost-effectiveness of Long-term Used UPS

    Above table can prove that UPS's long-term cost is the lowest of all computer systems are not considered for the short period of time, are aimed at long-term work and purpose, I believe a wise choice is "the installation of an uninterruptible power supply View>>

    The Necessity of Using UPS

    There is a common misconception that in addition to occasional outages, the electricity we use is continuous and constant. View>>

    UPS Power Supply Time

    An uninterruptible power supply main function is to provide short-term and zero interruption of power to the device used, the general added power for about 5 to 10 minutes, allows the user to complete the shutdown, or promptly to replace the electricity g View>>

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