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    Battery Types and Its Advantages and Disadvantages

    Batteries are generally classified into lead-acid batteries, lead-acid maintenance-free batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries, and their respective features are as follows. View>>

    The Composition and Working Principle of Battery

    A battery is consist of the anode, the cathode, the electrolyte, the diaphragm and the container. It converts energy by oxidation - reduction reaction. View>>

    The Definition of Battery

    Battery is a device used to converse and store chemical energy. It can convert chemical energy into electrical energy. View>>

    Battery Quality and Problems in Usage

    Battery quality problems and improper use can make its actual capacity decrease and its internal resistance increase, and even may cause serious accidents, endangering the normal operation of UPS and the normal functions of uninterrupted power. View>>

    Use and Maintenance of Battery

    Although maintenance-free batteries don't need special maintenance work, there are still some requirements. View>>

    Cautions of Battery Installation

    1. Batteries should be placed upright, and using batteries upside down is prohibited; 2. Do not give the battery abnormal vibration and impact; 3. Do not let the battery contact with organic solvents; 4. Do not mixed-use the batteries of different type View>>

    Battery Capacity

    Battery capacity is the numerical value of energy that the battery can release when it is fully charged. View>>

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